Brand Auditing: How a brand audit can pluf a leaking marketing budget
By Cameron McDiven
Are you increasing spending on a poorly-performing brand?  The 2015 Salesforce State of Marketing Report found 85% of Australian marketers are planning to maintain or increase their budgets, particularly in digital marketing to mobile devices.  Is your budget  ready?


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The Online Tsunami:The tide is going out for industrial media companies.  But what is to follow? 
By Steve Cropper
A newspaper publisher may sense that something ominous is approaching. Invisible and still seemingly far away, something big and very fast-moving is coming this way. It is the online tsunami and it is already making its presence felt.

Universal Briefing:Keeping it brief: Using ‘universal briefing’ to create convergent campaigns 
By Stieve DeLance
A brand manager needs to create around fourteen different briefs using different terminology in each, depending on the discipline the brief is written for.  This article discusses adding efficiency to briefing external consultants.  Advice for Brand Managers.  

Online Reputation: How to protect your online reputation
By Stieve DeLance
Practically everyone now has a Facebook page, a Google Review page or a Twitter account.  But what can you do if someone decides they don’t like you or your services online and decides to target those pages?  

Email Etiquette: Poor email etiquette and communication skills damage stakeholder relationships.    
By Stieve Delance
Email has changed the way we communicate but one of today’s biggest and most often overlooked problems with email is poor email etiquette and writing skills.  

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Social media IS 'Media': It's time to stop thinking about 'media' and 'social media' as different things.    
By Steve Cropper
Some organisations are already much further out than others.  For those still in the shallows, but wanting to review their online readiness, here are some discussion-starters for a management meeting.