Who is this for?
Please note, this is NOT a public program.  It is designed specifically for an organisation and/or for senior executives and PR counsel who have responsibilities for managing communication during and after a crisis.

The program can be delivered in-person at your premises in a session lasting a half day.  This is followed by individual over-the-phone sessions where applicable.

The program can be delivered online, making it easier for teams to participate from different locations.

Please contact us to discuss your issues or your training requirements.

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When bad things happen to good organisations, it's already too late to ask, "Now what do we do?"  We need a plan before a crisis strikes. Better still, we need to analyse our organisation to spot where the potential crises are and cut them off before they become a problem.

In this specialist workshop you will learn the difference between an issue and a crisis and learn how to contain both.

Participants cover:

  • The difference between issue and crisis.
  • The aims of crisis media management.
  • Preparing a crisis plan and team.
  • Managing stakeholders and information.
  • Your role in the crisis.
  • Getting your messages into a media interview.

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