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Session Structure

Part 1: Newsworthiness and Messaging
•    Get Coverage – what constitutes a news story? 
•    Messaging - the most effective thing to say? 
•    Developing a news release
•    ‘Selling in’ a news story – The best approach when taking a story to the press

Part 2: Newsworthiness and Messaging
•    Basic media interview skills - the essential knowledge of a skillful media spokesperson

Part 3: Developing a Public Relations Plan
•    Ten elements of PR planning from Situation Analysis to budgeting and performance measurement.

Part 4:  Digital media
•    The online media space - use of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter plus monitoring tools to keep in touch with what others are saying about your organisation.

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The media today has revolutionised the way people find out about what is happening in the world. There is however one serious side-effect. In the 21st century, more than ever before, we have to manage misinformation. Vast increases in the volume and speed of information flow, particularly online, have altered the way media operates.  There are fewer checks and balances, which makes life difficult for a spokesperson who is not confident and credible. 

In response to the need for skilful media communicators in the private and public sectors, Reputation Australia has developed PR Fundamentals.  This interactive seminar is designed for people who are new to the field of Public Relations.  It is designed to give participants knowledge, tools and practice in how to identify valuable media opportunities and articulate important public messages through the media. 

Moreover, as a team of experienced media and PR professionals, Reputation Australia is available to support your organisation with PR advice on either an on-going or as-needed basis.