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Participants cover:

  • Understanding the different types of presentations and choosing the right one.
  • How to prepare for a presentation.
  • How to develop the right positive attitude.
  • Handling an audience, particularly their questions.
  • Using the right expression eg hand gestures, facial expressions etc.
  • Using visual aids… overheads, PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, etc.
  • Learning how to anticipate questions from the audience.
  • Finally…and to engage! ​

Please note, this is not a public program.  It is a tailored solution for individuals and organisations. 

Workshops are conducted at your premises anywhere in Australia or overseas.

An online version is also available, but the
face-to-face method is recommended.

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This workshop is designed for people who want to become better communicators. As the title suggests, during the workshop participants learn how to prepare for and deliver effective presentations, thereby ensuring the audience is thoroughly informed and entertained.

There is ample time during the workshop to practice presentation techniques to successfully and professionally communicate your message to your audience.  So participants can see where they need to improve, we use a video camera to record each presentation. The presentations are then played back and critiqued.

With practice and preparation you will quickly learn to be persuasive and engaging.  During this course you will also discover how important it is to turn the negative questions posed by the audience into positive statements for you and your organisation.

Whether it is to develop presentation skills or improve them, this program will make anyone better on their feet in front of any audience.

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