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Available as a self-paced online learning module or as a workshop, Writing Successful Speeches develops skills to write better speeches for oneself or for others.  People who lack speech-writing experience in ministerial offices, government department, the not-for-profit sector and the private sector would benefit from this workshop.

The emphasis is on writing speeches that will capture and hold an audience's attention.  This often is a difficult adjustment for many to make, because they are more accustomed to writing formulaic reports designed for functional efficiency, lacking in human personality.  The greatest discovery most participants make is that they are allowed to write speeches that are designed to be persuasive and engaging.

The bulk of the session is a hands-on workshop devoted to developing practical skills.  Participants either work alone or in pairs, write parts of their own speeches, then give and receive feedback from others.

Participants cover:
•    Writing in a lively and engaging fashion 
•    The importance of the introduction 
•    Speech structures
•    The power of telling stories 
•    The powerful conclusion 

This workshop will equip anyone responsible for preparing speeches for themselves or colleagues. 

It is important to distinguish between this program (that addresses the art of speech writing) from our Powerful Presentations workshop (that develops the presentation skills of public speakers).

Participants receive :
•    a complete set of course notes 
•    a templates for developing a speech plan, a
     structure for the speech
•    a speechwriter's checklist 
•    a sample speech 
•    and more

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