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In response to this need for skillful communication, Reputation Australia has developed the Messaging for Stakeholder Engagement workshop, an interactive seminar designed to give participants knowledge and practice in how to identify and act on valuable communication opportunities.

Program Description
By the end of the program, participants will gain an understanding of key communication principles. The essence of what constitutes a persuasive message and practice in delivering them in a range of contexts provides participants with a solid grounding from which to proceed.

  • Be better informed about what constitutes persuasive messages.
  • Have an understanding of stakeholders’ requirements and therefore understand how to identify key, persuasive themes.
  • Understand how to frame messages in an accessible and relevant way.
  • Have a plan for identifying and preparing responses to tough questions.​
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Communication through multiple channels lets us reach a large audience quickly and persuasively. With the right skills, you can use these opportunities to enhance or protect your reputation.

Communication today is being revolutionised. People can now find out about what is happening in the world much more quickly and easily through a myriad of channels from the news to Facebook. There is however one serious side- effect. In the 21st century, more than ever before, we have to manage misinformation.

While we engage with stakeholders, we have some influence over their perceptions and behaviour. But vast increases in the volume and speed of information flow, particularly online, are conspiring to make effective communication more of a challenge.

There are fewer checks and balances, which makes life difficult for a spokesperson who is not confident and credible.

An organisation that doesn’t know how to deliver its message through a constituency’s preferred channels in a way that fits the culture of the audience simply won’t be heard.​

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